Wednesday February 23 New School University, 7pm

6 east 16th st (Wolff Conference Room) 11TH fL
Lecture Presenting Jana Leo introduced by Terry Williams

 “Starting with a rape in the author’s own apartment, this experimental autobiographic text defies traditional rape narratives by exploring the complex relationship between domestic violence, urban planning and a corrupt property market. Moving from police disinterest and landlord culpability, via way of a Robocop narrative, prison statistics and a B-movie hit-and-run ending, Jana Leo maps the fault lines of capitalist property speculation and the intersection of sexual crime, class vulnerability and the US justice system” (Book Works London 2009). This text, besides being a final product, a book, is a tool to follow documents and photographs that under the title: Rape New York affective and legal documents trace a real thing, in the timeframe in which it is happening. (

In recognition to the qualities of this text as a manual for understanding a crime, a city and a culture, ten years after the rape happened and in concurrence with the publication of the book in the states by Feminist Press, the New School sponsors a lecture by the artist, philosopher, and architecture scholar Jana Leo to present her book “Rape New York”. It will be introduced by Terry Williams.

Jana Leo is a conceptual artist with degrees in philosophy and architecture. In 1997, Leo came to the states to complete an M.A. in architecture at Princeton University. In 2000 Leo moved to New York where she taught Architecture at Cooper Union for seven years and finished her dissertation at the philosophy department at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. In 2007, Leo started Civic Gaps, a New York think tank dedicated to studying empty and neglected spaces in the city. Leo is currently the director of the Fundación Mosis, a think tank dedicated to the city. Leo divides her time between New York and Madrid. Rape New York is Leo's first book in English.

Rape New York is available at